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Category: Rock Band

DLC Week of 9/29: The Foxies and The Wonder Years

“Time Traverser”: This week’s Rivals Challenge: “Time Traverser” offers an eclectic stylistic mix of hits from distinct time periods in music. Shuffle-play’s got nothing on the diverse new DLC coming this Thursday to the Rock Band Music Store: The Foxies “Headsweat” and The Wonder Years “Oldest D... Read more

DLC Week of 9/22: Alkaline Trio and Starcrawler

“0-60 in the Blink of an Eye”: This week’s Rivals Challenge: “0-60 in the Blink of an Eye” shines the spotlight on songs that can serve as the propulsive soundtrack to life’s most adrenaline-fueled moments. Whether cruising down the highway, getting amped up for a big game, or just letting off st... Read more

DLC Week of 9/15: New Found Glory and Nirvana

“Chameleonic”: This newest Rivals Challenge: Chameleonic is all about the power of “change.” As the seasons shift and the leaves turn, embrace mutation with new DLC coming Thursday in the Rock Band Music Store: New Found Glory “Iris” and Nirvana “The Man Who Sold the World (Live)”. Everybody a... Read more

DLC Week of 9/8: CHVRCHES and Two Door Cinema Club

I Can See Through You (X-Ray Vision):  Week 5 of Rivals Season 28 - it’s time to look deep and use whatever tricks you have up your sleeve.  See through the competition in the Rivals Challenge: I Can See Through You.  Thursday’s new DLC features two fan favorites: CHVRCHES “The Mother We Share” a... Read more

DLC Week of 9/1: Muse

Cruising Altitude (Flight):  One of the top requested bands amongst the Rock Band Community, we are featuring a 3-pack from British rock gods, Muse, as the headliner for our Flight themed challenge of Rivals Season 28 Week 4.  Gear up for Cruising Altitude and look out for Thursday’s release of M... Read more

DLC Week of 8/25: Hollywood Undead and My Chemical Romance

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t (Invisibility):  It’s just about time for Week 3 of Rivals Season 28 - do you have what it takes to separate from the pack?  Maybe you can pick up some XP while no one’s looking in the Rivals Challenge: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t.  Thursday’s new DLC features two ... Read more

DLC Week of 8/18: Bloods & Laura Jane Grace and Fefe Dobson

Gather Your Strength (Super Strength):  Our second weekly challenge Season 28 starts soon and nothing can stand in your way. Prepare to flex your might in the Rivals Challenge: Gather Your Strength. Get extra pumped up with new DLC on Thursday: Bloods & Laura Jane Grace “I Like You” and Fefe Dobs... Read more

DLC Week of 8/11: Bob Moses and The Faim

I Know What You're Thinking (Telepathy) Our super-powered Season 28 starts this week! If you could have one superpower, what would it be? The first S28 Rivals Challenge focuses on Telepathy so we already know your answer. We also sense that you’ll want to grab both of the new DLC releases this Th... Read more

Welcome To Season 28: Super Rivals

A Season of Super-Songs! We’re half-way through the summer and ready to kick Rivals Season 28 into gear. Things are about to get “super” in Rock Band, as this season will soundtrack a selection of the most popular superpowers known to both heroes and villains of the superhero world. From lifting ... Read more

DLC Week of 8/4: The Interrupters and Potty Mouth

BREAK WEEK #2 It’s East Coast vs. West Coast this week with new DLC songs representing the California and Massachusetts music scenes. The Interrupters “Anything Was Better” and Potty Mouth “Let Go” DLC is available this Thursday.  The Interrupters burst out of the Los Angeles music scene in th... Read more