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Author: Derek Neurer

Rock Band 4 November Update Now Live!

Hey everyone! We’ve got an update releasing for Rock Band 4 today, which streamlines the Rivals experience, adds a few cool new things, and also adds support for some exciting future additions. Read more

The Rock Band Companion App V2.0 Is Now Available!

Hey everyone! To celebrate the refresh of Rivals Challenges in Rock Band Rivals, we've decided to also upgrade the Rock Band Companion App! The whole experience has been given a once-over, smoothing out the process and adding features and info. Read more

Rivals Weekly Challenge: Derek's Top Picks!

Hey everyone, It’s time to introduce yet another Weekly Challenge! The gnomes that suggest our topics have delivered yet another hit, and that only comes with a small amount of bias. Read more

Music Library Enhancements – A New Update for Rock Band 4

Make your Rock Band song library yours with Music Library Enhancements, coming October 18th alongside Rock Band Rivals. Read more

The Newest Face of the Community Team

Hello, everyone! I'm Derek, the latest hire for the Community Team. A bunch of you know me already and a bunch of you don't know me at all, so I'm here to fill everyone in on me. Read more