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An Update on Harmonix Forums

Hey everyone,

We’re here today to announce that we will be sunsetting the Harmonix forums next month so that we can better engage with our other community channels. 

The Harmonix forums have existed in one form or another for over a decade, but a lot has changed since their debut. The rise of third-party community sites like Discord and Reddit, coupled with the growing ubiquity of social networking, has seen our forum traffic hit an all-time low as our community gathers elsewhere. 

Closing the forums is bittersweet, but the community will only be stronger when everyone is together. We’re excited to have you join us on the new Harmonix Discord and our games’ subreddits. You can also still find us, our updates, and other players on our Facebook pages, Twitter pages, and blog.

Thank you to everyone who visited and joined the forums. You all helped make the Harmonix community what it is today. See you around!


“What does this mean for me?”
On March 19th, the Harmonix forums will close fully. Your account and its contents, along with all other postings, will be inaccessible. Up until that point, the forums will function as they always have, so take that time to reminisce and skim your old posts.

“What about the information located on the forums?”
We will be preserving the delisting threads for both Rock Band and Dance Central as blogs, so be sure to update your bookmarks with the new links to each as they go up. As that is currently the only information exclusively kept on the forums (other news is mirrored as an existing blog that will continue to be available), we do not intend to outwardly preserve ANYTHING else.

Fan-created content, such as Ultimate Setlist threads, will not be stored by us for song request tallying. We continue to read through and count requests made through our website’s request page, so do continue using that as the mood strikes.

Amplitude Song Senate members should join the above Discord and ping a Community Manager to receive updates going forward.