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FUSER 2022 Update

As we enter 2022, we want to provide an update on our plans for FUSER. While the way we support the community is changing, we remain committed to supporting the live, in-game features and carry a ton of appreciation for the FUSER fam and your boundless creativity. We look forward to checking out your mixes as you continue to imagine and uncover what’s possible in FUSER!

Here’s the overview of what’s ahead:

  • We are making the songs from the 2021 Mixtape Packs available for purchase as individual singles in March. This will mark the end of our paid DLC releases for FUSER.
  • Regular content updates to the Diamond Shop, including new music items, will continue. Hang on to your diamonds!
  • Live set and mix capture events will continue on their regular schedule.
  • The FUSER Sessions stream will happen with less frequency but the FUSERheadliner Twitch channel will still be live all day every day. 
  • We will be winding down the FUSER Guest Sessions, but we will work with the streamers who have championed FUSER to ensure they are supported during this time of transition. 
  • Our social accounts will be supported in English only. To stay up to date with the latest FUSER news be sure to follow @FUSERgame on Twitter, FUSERgame on Facebook, and @Harmonix on Twitter for occasional updates straight from the developer. 
  • You can and should still report issues in the game that you find and submit a ticket through this link.

For more information and to ask your questions to the team directly, join our 2022 Update Livestream happening on Thursday February 10th at 4:30pm ET on